Disc-Lock Stainless Steel Washers

Powerful structural locking devices that are unwavering against vibration in even the most intense conditions. 


Why choose our stainless steel washers?

Our stainless steel locking washers are designed to perform in even the most stressful applications. They are:

  • Self-locking fasteners that are effective in prohibiting loosening brought on by shock or vibration. 

  • Demonstrated to outmatch other types of loose, threaded, washered or pinned fixings when exposed to immense vibration. 

  • Allow business to save on maintenance costs and realise production efficiencies by eliminating downtime brought on by regular fastener failure.



  • Thicker and wider in diameter for better performance.

  • Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel.

  • Can be used with Grade 2, 5,8 and even stronger bolts.


How it works 

Two washer-shaped pieces (pre-assembled, glued pairs),  with inclined cams on one side and a series of ridges on the other, are mated together and placed between the nut and the joint material upon installation.

Under vibration the nut will attempt to rotate loose. However, as the angle of the cams is greater than the pitch angle of the thread on the bolt, a jamming effect is created by the interlocking cams and the non-slip ridges of the Disc-Lock Stainless Steel Washer working simultaneously.

This effect prevents loosening and further locks the assembly, thereby maintaining joint integrity. The result is a fastening system that is vibration proof according to Military Standards. (United States Military MIL-STD-1312, Vibration Test 7)


View our guide on how to install Disc-Lock stainless steel washers between the nut and the joint material. 

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Find out more about sizes, standard dimensions and metric dimensions of Disc-Lock stainless steel washers.

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