Disc-Lock Locking Nuts

Forces that cause other lock nuts to come loose, cause the Disc-Lock Locking Nut to tighten.


Why choose disc-lock?

  • Self-locking fasteners that successfully prevent loosening as a result of shock or vibration. 

  • Proven to have outperformed other types of loose, threaded, washered or pinned fixings under conditions of intense vibration. 

  • Helping businesses boost production and cut maintenance costs by eliminating downtime brought on by regular fastener failure.



  • Free spinning, immune to vibration and shock

  • Effective under conditions of great stress 

  • Effective in vibration-sensitive areas 

  • Eliminating equipment downtime, thereby lowering maintenance costs and helping to increase productivity


How it works 

The Disc-Lock Locking Nut is a vibration and shock proof, free spinning locking nut. It consists of two components each with interlocking cams, which are joined together to form a one-piece assembly. 

The top component of the Disc-Lock Lock Nut is a threaded hexagon nut with cams on the underside and a pilot that retains the washer. The bottom component is a hex flange washer with cams on the top and a smooth bearing surface. 

When the assembly is subjected to vibration and shock, the interlocking cams of the Disc-Lock Lock Nut attempt to rise against each other. As the cam rise angles are greater than the pitch angle of the threads, the assembly locks and maintains the clamp load of the bolted connection, thereby protecting joint integrity. 



Simply follow the same procedure as for conventional nuts and torque to normal specifications. 



Find out more about sizes, width, height and flange diameter of Disc-Lock Lock Nuts.

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